Hey there, NHS... 

So, first things first.

I'm applying to be your awesome Art Director intern.

I don't have agency experience, but I promise a lack of experience does not equate to a lack of talent or skills.

in fact, I have prior experience that allows me to be an asset to your team.



In the classroom, it is imperative that teachers achieve relevant learning objectives by the assigned dates. This expectation required me to sharpen my time management skills and ensure that my students were always on a timely track to achieving our classroom goals. There was no room for missing deadlines, because accountability testing would clearly reveal any gaps in student learning.

There was no room for missing deadlines.


Student learning must also be addressed with differentiated teaching styles. Some students are visual learners, while others are audio or kinesthetic learners. These differences meant identifying unique demands and creating differentiated solutions. Knowing specific needs and interests was crucial to creating an inclusive classroom environment that employed all strengths and catered to individual learners. 

Similarly, not all clients are the same.


Teaching has also taught me the art of flexibility. Some days there were fire drills, assemblies, or field trips, and this meant spend more time than I predicted to grasp a concept. On those days, it was necessary to strategize and execute on the fly.  I learned to include alternative paths to the same goal, because we had to achieve the same learning objectives in the allotted amount of time.   

Those times called for flexibility and prioritization.