Hey there! 

The fact that you are here means you are curious about what I can bring to the table. So let me cut right to the chase. 

Some general info about me: I’m currently an Art Director at a PR and Advertising agency. As such, I currently do design and social media work for a variety of clients, including Walmart, McDonalds, Conagra ( specifically Slim Jim, Peter Pan peanut butter, Marie Callendars, ReddiWip, Healthy Choice, Orville Redenbacher, Hunts Tomatoes, PAM, and Frontera frozen foods), Unilever (specifically Breyers, Lipton, Good Humor, and Popsicle), The National Peanut Board, and Humana. 

My experience includes video direction and production as well as design of email blasts, event signage, billboards, programs, magazine ads, digital banner ads, and more. 

I have professional knowledge of many Adobe Suite programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Indesign.

Below, you will find some of my work, that demonstrates my ability to design and ideate creatively. Also, please feel free to click around my site to find other skills that may apply to your work requests!


McDonalds Better Burger Event

(event signage)

To announce the removal of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors from their seven classic burgers, McDonalds wanted to host an influencer and media event at their Chicago headquarters announcing the change. 

To the right is an interactive banner timeline, that allowed guests to hold up their phone and see videos and moving components.  

McDonalds Better Burger Event

(event signage)

To conclude the event, we held a taste test of the improved menu for guests. This test included a chef-curate menu. As they ate, they were strategically surrounded with brand messaging. 


McDonalds Better Burger Event

(Event Invite)

The event invite below was sent electronically and was optimized for email viewing.

I have experience with MailChimp, as well as static email blasts.

Video Marketing

To watch examples of video marketing that I have done for Guldens Mustard and Frontera frozen foods, please click here and scroll down to the section labeled “Gulden’s Mustard”. This video was created in reponse to a Heinz's Chicago Dog Sauce stunt, where Heinz tricked Chicagoans into putting ketchup on their hot dog, a big no-no for The Windy City. This Gulden's video resulted in 33 placements at national media outlets, and over 9 million impressions nationwide. 

Social Media Content

To see an example of my social media management, please review the twitter account located here. This is the Twitter account for the National Peanut Board. All of the social assets used on this twitter page are staged, filmed, photographed, and edited by me. Impressions range up to 234k for the assets located on this page.

Social Media Offline Engagement

For brand engagement examples, please visit the page located here, which demonstrates the way I engage offline with influencers on behalf of brands.



The following are references of people who I have worked with or for in a professional capacity.

Troy Taylor, Owner Zucot Gallery


Vince Patton, Creative Director


Andrew Radlowski, Copy Writer