I know how it sounds. But give it a chance.

When this sandwich popped up on social media, it quickly made its way around and everyone had an opinion. As the authority on peanuts, the National Peanut Board decided to dive a little deeper into the sandwich that had everyone talking.

We talked with food scientists to get their professional opinion on the sweet and savory sandwich and found out some interesting tidbits regarding its nutrition. We also spoke to food influencer to get her take on the unusual sandwich. And finally, we heard the voice of the people, with a taste test. To find out what everyone had to say, check out the videos below!


To get a unique perspective on this controversial sandwich, we first spoke to three food scientists about the nutrition, flavor profiles, and texture of the sandwich. We spoke to Dr. Taylor Wallace, a Professor of nutrition and food science, Dr. Helene Hopfer, a Professor of sensory science and food science, and Dr. Cordelia Running, professor of nutrition and food science.



We also spoke to @SherrieSavorsTheCity to get her take on the Peanut Butter and Mayo sandwich. She created her own version of the sandwich that was absolutely delicious. I should know, because I had four on set.

Watch her turn the controversial sandwich from “Um…” to “Yum!”


Taste Test

We asked people to blind taste test the sandwich, and give their honest reactions.



All in all, the videos resulted in a total of 522k impressions across twitter and instagram and garnered high engagement on both platforms.

Sentiment about the brand was overwhelmingly positive.