The following is a collection of work that I have done on The Bridge™,  the world’s largest relevance engine of nimble engagement centers supporting 250+ brands in nearly 30 regions of the world.

The Bridge allows Golin's teams to using social media platforms, traditional media, and trending topics to spot marketing opportunities and act on them in real time.  It is used for brand-building activations such as customer and influencer marketing, branded content creation and distribution, community management, customer service, and brand protection applications such as real-time crisis management.



When Avril Lavigne tweeted about her love for tea, we sent the songstress a tea-themed guitar case. This case was hand painted over the course of two days. It features pink Canadian maple leaves, a blonde skeleton drinking Lipton, and plenty of glittery tea cups. 



When Brie Larson tweeted about her love for Popsicles, Good Humor ice cream, and Klondike bars, we turned her from Captain Marvel to Captain Unilever. Her suit is made entirely from Good Humor and Klondike wrappers and her weapon is made from Popsicle sticks. To source the materials, I ate 2 strawberry shortcake bars, 2 Klondike bars, and three popsicles over the course of two days. It was a great time in my life.  

SalsaBathTub_small copy.gif


When Matty Mullins tweeted that she would be smuggling back authentic tacos al pastor from Mexico, we helped her out by sending her a discreet suitcase that would hide her goods. 


PAM cooking spray

When John Legere posted a bizarre video of his cooking adventures with PAM, we stepped in and sent a personal chef's apron, resulting in 5.5M impressions. 



When Paget Brewster shared a failed potpie attempt on her Instagram, MC saved the day with a product delivery and a personalized oven mitt in sync with the unique pointed-finger aesthetic for which she is known.



When Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she was craving Reddiwip during her pregnancy, we sent a custom bedazzled Reddiwip can her way. This can took 11 hours and used plenty of rhinestones. I stopped counting after 3233. 



When Karen Geier tweeted that she wanted to smuggle Ro*tel over the Canadian border due to a lack of availability in the Great White North, we sent a super secret, inconspicuous suitcase her way to help her out.  


Andy Richter mentioned Ro*tel as an ingredient in his queso, so we delivered a custom queso bowl using his bitmoji. He tweeted the gift to his 1M followers. 



When Amber Eyes mentioned she wasn't getting much sleep, we sent her some Bedtime Bliss from Lipton's Wellness Line, along with a personalized mug, featuring a rhinestone for her lip piercing. She tweeted, posted to IG, and Youtube'd the gift, resulting in 154K impressions. 

salsadipindoorsTS copy.gif

Gulden's Mustard

Gulden's Mustard created a video reaction to Heinz's Chicago Dog Sauce stunt. Gulden's video resulted in 33 placements and over 9M impressions. 

To announce the mustard brand's new status as the official Mustard of the Chicago Cubs, Gulden's got Pink Hat Guy to become Mustard Hat Guy for national mustard day and donates 5K to a charity of his choice. 


What better way to celebrate 8M followers than with donuts?

What better way to celebrate 8M followers than with  donuts ?


When Sean Brock called Slim Jim "hillbilly charcuterie", Slim Jim responded by sending him a hand-crafted charcutrie board designed to hold Slim Jims. 



When an editor at Nylon Magazine expressed her love for ice cream, we nodded to Nylon's love of collages and sent one of our own. With plenty of Ice cream of course.   

When an editor at Nylon Magazine expressed her love for ice cream, we nodded to  Nylon's love of collages  and sent one of our own. With plenty of Ice cream of course.


When GirlWithNoJob tweeted about her love for ice cream sandwiches, Good Humor sent a custom hat, resulting in an Instagram story post to her 2.8M followers. 



 Frontera Foods hosted a Kitchen to Garden Event at The Plant, Chicago where celebrity chef Rick Bayless demonstrated how to incorporate garden fresh ingredients into Frontera's new frozen skillets and bowls. 


When Brett Vergara tweeted about his love for Bachelor in Paradise, Orville sent him a custom shirt with his own BIP intro, leaving him both amazed and terrifeid. 


For National Lazy Day, Slim JIm created a Lazy Day Kit, complete with a Meat Mate Couch Caddy, and long-distance grabber, a fanny pack, and of course, plenty of Slim Jims. The kit was accompanied by an Instruction card. 


When Steve Goldstein suggested a future where we trade in Slim Jims rather than cryptocurrency, Slim Jim assured him that we were on the case., resulting in a quote-retweet to his 10K followers.