McDonald’s Better Burger

When they removed artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors from their seven classic burgers, McDonalds wanted to host an educational event to announce the ingredient removal. We created an immersive event with five themed rooms that would take guests through McDonalds announcement.



To start the experience, guests were presented with an interactive timeline that allowed guests to use their phone to see videos and moving components.  




To introduce the simplified sauce, we asked guests to participate in a sauce cooking competition, where they made our Mac Sauce from just 9 ingredients. Chef Mike judged the best sauce. Guests were able to keep their own bottle of Mac Sauce.



We guided guests through a cheese tasting of all the real cheeses that go into our American cheese. Guests were able to keep an engraved cheese board.


Toasted Buns

Guests were able to take pictures in front of our Instagrammable bun wall. They were also given personalized toasters that toasted their selfies onto our buns.



Guests were given personalized aprons, and entered our "restaurant” where they seasoned and flipped their own McDonalds beef patties.



To conclude the event, guests sampled our seven classic burgers and complimentary sides while they had their questions answered by McDonalds head chefs.