Outside Voice is the recipient of the Golin 2018 Courageously Happy Grant. 

The Mission:

Outside Voice is an initiative committed to challenging the current lack of ethnic diversity in advertising, public relations, and marketing by exposing Black and Latinx high school students to the field of creative communications. 


The Problem:

Although agencies should mirror the diverse consumer bases they cater to, Blacks comprise only 6.6% of agency employees in total while Latinxs comprise about 9%. That number drops below 3% for Blacks and 7% for Latinxs working in agency creative departments. This issue is due to 1) poor hiring practices and 2) a lack of exposure for Black and Latinx youth to careers in creative fields. 

The result is a one-dimensional approach to communication that lacks intersectional perspectives and diverse world views. Agencies lose, brands lose, and consumers lose. 


The Solution: 

Outside Voice focuses on empowering creative students while positioning creative communications as a feasible and accessible career field. 


The Method:

Outside Voice brings professional Black and Latinx creatives into local high schools, and engages students with a threefold approach:

1. Using mock assignments to navigate the creative process, so students can solve problems with campaigns, publicity stunts, and marketing solutions.

2. Discussing experience in the field of creative communication. These discussions include the typical workday of a creative, the many educational pathways to becoming a creative, the challenges faced by POC in the field, and the history and future of Blacks and Latinxs in the field. 

3. Arranging for students to create real life campaigns for brands and pitch their ideas to real clients. Special shoutout to Zucot Gallery, Miami Central Senior High, and Womanists of Chicago for allowing Outside Voice participants to pitch.

Each aspect of the program has been developed with MDCPS curriculum specialists in order to meet Common Core State Standards. The program stresses critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that promote college readiness and have real-world career applications. Per requests, we are able to incorporate additional state standards and college readiness skills.


The Goal:

Double the number of Black and Latinx graduation rates in communication fields by 2030, for Miami and Chicago. 


The TAlent


If you are interested in Bringing Outside Voice to your school, please reach out below. Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours. 

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