Long story short,

I'm an art director.

And I'm pretty good.


So if you are convinced, give me a call.

But if you are still wondering what I can bring to your table, read on.  


The advantage to hiring me is my agency experience.



At Golin, we run lean. And as a result, creative teams get to see projects through, from conception to execution. When an idea gets sold in, we get to be fully immersed in its development rather than passing the idea off to a production team. In fact, when other industry professionals freelance at Golin, they often comment on how unusual it is to be so involved in the entire process.

During the planning, Golin communities (creators, connectors, catalysts, and explorers) are in constant communication at every step, whether its mining social conversation for insights, negotiating a contract with talent, or deciding on a printing vendor to make custom laser-cut boxes. 

It makes for very rewarding experiences, because I've watched ideas develop from a google doc insight slide to a fully-integrated and executable program. I know the work that goes into making a good PR idea come to life. 

WHat this means for you: I can bring holistic consideration into my work at your agency.

I've Developed my craft. 

Working in PR means a lot of quick-turn custom engagements, so I've had the opportunity to use my experience in art forms with which I was already familiar, and explore art forms with which I was not. 

In the past 18 months, have been able to manipulate materials I've never worked with before, like epoxy resin and tolex acrylic. I learned to bedazzle, something I was pretty positive I would never need to know. I illustrated in comic-book style and loved it so much I took it up as a hobby. Before working at Golin, I never pushed my skills in any of those territories. But because I was given the opportunity, I now have more artistic experience under my belt. 

I've also developed more traditional skills, like concepting through the technical aspects of a photoshoot. I've learned set design and basic camera technique while working alongside senior industry professionals. 

WHat this means for you: I'm ready to learn new skills and perfect old ones at your agency.


I get agency life. 

That means I know what a deadline is. And I know what it's like staying in the office until 9 pm—jumping up and down every 20 minutes to re-activate the motion sensored lights—to complete that deadline. And... get this... I don't even complain. The empty office is a nice change of pace from having whistling rocket copters whizz by my head.

I've also become better at presenting, a skill leftover from my teaching days. I'm good at setting up ideas so that account teams are on board. Because even though I still don't know what they do, I understand that account teams are absolutely integral to getting good ideas sold in to hesitant clients. 

I know the elation of selling a good idea in. I know the heartbreak of budget being pulled from under a project. I know the value of good teams and mentorship. I even know which conference rooms to slink around for leftover free food.

What this means for you: I'm fully adapted to agency life. It's become my native habitat

If you are unconvinced, give me a call. I'm much more convincing in person.


< you should hire me.